Food figure bokeh shapes for sale with best offer



The kit includes:

  • Holder for Bokeh discs, which is universal and can be used with almost all lenses. (Easy attachment of shape disks)
  • Sixteen shaped Bokeh discs
  • Elastic band
  • Bokeh wallet which holds the Holder for Bokeh discs and the discs themselves
  • People love this product for it is:

  • Hi – Tech cut technique
  • Made of durable materials
  • Includes a Bokeh wallet to ensure safety of bokeh disks
  • Easy to use – no software required, ready to use
  • Description

    Food figure bokeh filters for Bokeh Photography

    Food figure bokeh will help you to make bokeh style photographs using sixteen figure Bokeh discs. This set offers a marketing opportunity to create unique images with effects other photographers cannot replicate. Bokeh photography provides the user with the opportunity to turn a landscape or a night scene into something absolutely unique and different. Even the simplest selfie can look amazing!

    These filters work effectively with almost any lens and can be positioned over the UV filter. Our products allow users make their own unique special effects using camera only, without no software required for post-production of the photo. Bokeh photography is perfect for portraits, special events, kids, objects and goods. You can also create surrealistic and aesthetic art compositions, visual effects and backgrounds.

    Bokeh filters work effectively with almost any lens and are positioned over the UV filter. Doing that, you are able to create your own special effects using only your camera and the Bokeh discs. Bokeh filters are particularly handy when it comes to portraits, pictures of kids and objects as well as covering special events.

    Create your Visual Story with Figure Bokeh Effects!