Creative figure bokeh kit for photographers

Creative figure bokeh kit photo examples. Here you can see the examples of result of our bokeh photo filters sets.

Make amazing photos of your own using Creative set of Bokeh filters!
bokeh kit preview photo kerosene lamp with bokeh effect

Kerosene lamp with Bokeh effect

Creative figure bokeh effect allows creation of incredible compositions. This photo is one of the fine examples when Bokeh effect creates interaction with the object on the foreground, thus making the photo creative and original. The set of Bokeh filters can turn any common, simple and uninteresting object into an interesting and appealing composition.
You can also create amazing backgrounds using the set of Bokeh filters alone, without any additional accessories. All you need do is walk out to the street with your camera and a set of Bokeh filters, and make a couple of shots. Even the ugliest view of a city or a street can be easily turned into an abstract and appealing image.
Equipment: Creative set of Bokeh filters | Settings: 50 mm 1/125s ƒ/3.2 | Nikon D90 | Flash x2

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